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Pseudocode and Algorithm techniques for VCE Mathematics

With the new VCE Mathematics Study Design comes a newly introduced section into each Unit. Outcome 3 for each Area of Study includes computational thinking using pseudocode to create algorithms.

Due to personal issues encountered by the authors, we are running late with publishing this text. We hope to have this textbook ready for 2024.

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DIT 7 - 10 Cover 2022 JPEG_edited.jpg
Digital Technology 7 - 10

This textbooks covers the ACARA Version 9.0 curriculum for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10. It is in full colour and can be set as a student textbook. The text also includes Digital Literacy or ICT Skills to support the practical implementation of the curriculum.

eBook: ISBN 978-0-6455559-0-5

Print: ISBN  978-0-6455559-0-5

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Primary DIT Cover_JPG.jpg
Digital Technologies F - 6

This text supports the ACARA Version 9.0 Curriculum for Foundation level to Year 6. It is organised into Digital Literacy (ICT) and Digital Technology sections with background reading for teachers. Each curriculum section outlines the resources for the classroom, the learning activities and photocopiable learning resources.

eBook: ISBN 978-0-6486708-7-2

Print: ISBN 978-0-6486708-6-5

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VCE Software Development

This text is designed to support students studying the VCE Applied Computing: Software Development Units 3 and 4, Study Design 2020- 2024.  All the curriculum is covered and Visual Basic and PHP code are also included to support the SAT.

eBook: ISBN: 978-0-6486708-0-3

Print ISBN: 978-0-6486708-1-0

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Introduction to Programming Visual Basic

Need to learn how to program and don't know where to start? Visual Basic is a great place to begin because the concepts of 'objects', 'data structures' and 'variables' are all very clearly defined. The syntax is easy to understand and the Visual Studio IDE is easy to run and install for free. This text takes you from 1 + 1 to hash tables.

eBook: ISBN 978-0-6486708-8-9

Print ISBN 978-0-6486708-8-9

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