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who is vic farrell?

Vic Farrell publishing is a one-woman operation. Vic runs the business from her home in Watsonia, Victoria. She works full-time at an APS school where Saturday sport is required each week of the term. This means processing orders can take up to 8 weeks during busy times.

Vic Farrell

Vic Farrell is a Digital Technology and Software Development Teacher in Victoria. Due to the lack of textbooks that cover both Digital Technology and Digital Literacy she wrote the 7 - 10 text which has sold across Australia. 

When she finds time outside of teaching full-time, writing and running a small business, she is a musician, an artist and a ceramicist. She also has a cat.

What is Vic Farrell publishing?

Due to a decline in general Digital Literacy among students, Vic decided to write her notes up on a website to share with other teachers and students. Her website became a bit too popular, so she thought it was time to profit from all the hard work. If you think the world really needs a textbook on something... contact Vic and she'll see what she can do.

Vic Farrell Publishing (Letterbox) ABN: 66350027365

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