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Supporting the ACARA Digital Technologies Curriculum Version 9.0

Digital Technologies

A text to support the Australian Primary Teacher
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My Books

VCE Software Development Units 3 & 4

Digital Technology

Years 7 - 10

Visual Basic Programming

Digital Technology

Years F - 6


We have started the Pseudocode and Algorithm Techniques for VCE Mathematics and have Chapter One available for download at point of purchase.

If you buy the text now, you will get an overview to computational thinking with basic examples of algorithms written in Structured English, Pseudocode and Flow Charts. This will give teachers an idea as to what will be in store.

In March 2023, we expect to have all the chapters for Units One and Three in draft form ready to go. We are aiming for the full book to be available in June 2023.

More Teaching Resources
Online Digital Courses for Teachers

Sometimes you need to get in some solid PD time with the computer, but it's hard to do it on your own. Teach IT is an online service specifically for teachers to learn all those things you really should have gotten on top of years ago. How to get all your students to type up their work and manage cloud storage for submissions. If you want to learn it, there will be a course online for you. I am developing an online course and aiming to release it in 2025.

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